Tell me your Steam/Origin/


Steam/Origin/Uplay/GoG : LarryDarren : :alien: : BaconStrips#1498 : :pensive:

Steam : [BPN] Sir-diealot |Zulu|
Origin :  Sir_diealot_Zulu
Uplay :   Sir-diealot


Steam: artyomzmitrovich
Add me to play Killing Floor 2 from time to time. Or just add me.


Artem_Zmitrovich you hear that Arsononion


ShiftySatchmo Sami gave him the game lul


ShiftySatchmo We played together when I didn’t have a real life. Good old times.


Artem_Zmitrovich If i can join i always play KF XD


Artem_Zmitrovich 0_1498673373839_Steam_2017-06-28_20-09-13.png


ButtStallion It’s because that’s his account name and not his Steam username.


Someone on here sent me a request on steam and I blindly clicked ignore on instinct. I think maybe it was @Picketech Anyhoo, whoops! Feel free to send it again.


Lol ok good to know ill send it next time im online


Ah this old thread. I figured out a couple years ago that I can turn all notifications off and stopped removing people from my list. So if anybody wants to creep on how little I play video games again feel free to add schlitty on Steamy.