Unlucky Me ! !

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i have been thinking lately Its been almost 1 year since i bought my gpu 960. its pretty sad for me. You guys dont know why…let me share you my story. Before that i had amd 7750 That 7750 was a low end card But still that card served me well. Before she was about to die whenever i used to play latest games like tw3, gtaV, fallout 4 etc etc…game used to crash/bsod after playing 10-20 mins. But i could play old games with that. Old games like assassins creed ezio saga…sleeping dogs.etc etc without any hassle so i thought its my gpu issue then that 7750 died and then i bought 960. But that crash/bsod still remains. Still i cant play those games including latest one’s. My config is not that good but its decent enough to run at least tw3/doom/fallout 4/ROTR/overwatch/etc etc…hell i cant even play rocket league…but i can play old games like fable, alan wake, dishonored, etc etc…so then few people said its my HDD so i after 3/4 months i saved few bucks then i bought a HDD and the problem still remains. ohh i forgot to say that i also bought a Cooler Master Thunder 500. no solution …Then i thought maybe its my new gpu. So i gave one of my friend to play latest games with my 960 and he is playing all the latest games smoothly with that card. so yah its been 1 year i bought that card to play those great games specially tw3 and gta v but still couldn’t play. Cpu is temp is average too… no overheat i checked it so many times…i am from a 3rd world country…people cant afford that much games in steam like i do (i am not proud or showing off its a fact dont get me wrong Katsuo )…yet i have those games but i cant play…worst is i dont even know where the problem is…

My Config:
I3 2nd gen
8 gb ram ddr3
Mobo asus h61
GTX 960 4gb
HDD Toshiba 1tb

DANTE CPU overheating? Old games dont demand that much to cause overheat. But especially GTA5 and The Witcher 3, open world games can use a lot of cpu power. Temps during games?
Crashing to windows or the entire pc crash?


nope i checked cpu too. no overheat issue at all

Did you run memtest?

milkywayman nope whats that ?

http://www.memtest.org/ :slight_smile:


DANTE when did you last time reinstalled OS; I mean clean install with latest WHQL drivers? also what model of PSU do you have? can you post screenshots with error messages or BSOD … and can you show Windows error logs (hardware section) from event viewer … simply I can’t help you on blind … without seeing how the error looks

as milkywayman says do MemTest … also you should check your HDD …

RAM testing

HDD testing

CPU diagnostics

GPU Bench and stability test … try with :

General system info and testing … AIDA 64

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Memtest86 needs to run at least 6-8 hours. 1 pass is not enough. RAM can pass initially but fail subsequent tests. I would then start with a bios update to the motherboard if it passes an overnight test. A fresh OS install. Make sure you have ALL up to date drivers. Including Intel chipset, LAN, etc. Don’t just accept the drivers windows installs as the latest and best. They aren’t always up to date once a driver becomes whql.

EDIT: if its 2-4gb sticks of RAM it is best to run test on each individual stick.

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last month. Clean installed with everything fresh…after i bought that gpu i reinstalled os 3/4 times…bsod rare…whenever i got it says “memory management”.

.mostly i got random crash no msg and anything…and the funny thing is suppose i am playing tw3 after the crash if i verify the game from steam it will download 30 gb file (big size and its fixed size for that game) if i play doom same thing happens and if i verify from steam it download big file size like 20 gb (as always big size and that size is fixed for that game)…and after the verify again i play again crash again if i verify it will download exact same file size like before…

and psu is: Cooler Master Thunder 500w

and as milkywayman says i used a software called “ram map” it took hours to check ram but the end no problem was found…

My vote is a bad stick of RAM. With no error logs, or codes that’s my guess.

EDIT: It could also be a bad motherboard ( Mark2K77 i had to add this haha) blown capacitors will cause crashing due to inconsistent power. Speaking of power, a dirty supply (typically old houses or improperly grounded electrical systems) will cause to much fluctuation for the PSU to handle and it burns the voltage regulator out.

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DANTE do check event viewer … for example

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Mark2K77 this? sorry i am no expert in these stuff

Holy error log :smiley: sfc /scanow ? :smiley:


what?? sry man i dont know anything about these stuff : 3


run Command prompt as admin type : sfc /scanow

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Mark2K77 doing it

Mark2K77 its saying

“windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation”

DANTE run chkdsk i think Mark2K77 is about to link the command line commands. Or you could use the windows GUI to do it. As i said to him, while it makes sense to check/repair/replace the OS files if your HDD has bad sectors is going to get corrupted again and keep having issues. I suspect a RAM or HDD issue just based on the number of errors from today alone!


Spinalfailed on it