Windows 11

As some of you may or may not have heard Windows 11 is a real thing, and for any of you who are insider previewers the Dev Channel currently has Windows 11 ready to roll out. Its sleek & smooth so far and 0 issues even with a unsupported Ryzen 7 1800x.


It’s missing some of the big features like Android apps integration, direct storage feature etc. I’ll wait until it’s out before installing it on my PC.

Always skip one windows version :smiley:

Not skipping this one. I’m super hyped about the direct storage thing. The consoles are using this feature quite well.

Also auto-hdr…microsoft isn’t paying me to be a tester so I’ll wait for release and the features that make it worth it.

Auto hdr only works with dx 11 games, for direct storage you need nvme ssd…I dont see the big hype, but i dont have hdr monitor or nvme :smiley:

I have an hdr monitor, I have 7gb/sec nvme, and sometimes I play dx11 games.

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I have both too and sometimes I play DX11 games

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I used to be more of a Windows “power user” always tweaking stuff to my exact needs. But I gave into being old and ignorant on W10 and dove in day 1. It has been beautiful bliss since. I think Ive had one issue with a bluetooth dongle over the years and that is it. I will dive into W11 day 1 as well. But yeah, no Insider stuff, I can wait a few more months.

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Keep in mind that you’ll need a TPM 2.0 chip on your motherboard (or at least a TPM emu firmware update) to be able to install Windows 11. I’m saying this now because TPM chip prices are getting ridiculously high.

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I think if you’re on even first gen ryzen or newer you should be fine.


Yeah, I think all Ryzen, or at least 2000+, have the “fTPM” or whatever. Your BIOS just has to have the option to turn it on.

Im totally fine. 5800x hereeeeeerrr

I’m still on a 1700X haha. Works fine. Not early adopting 11 though

Word is they are going back on what they recently said and will be testing Ryzen 1st Gen for Inclusion on the list with the Insider Tests. lol

Conveniently I’m paranoid and have a TPM chip since it has technically better perform for encryption over fTPM…

“The company allows “OEMs for special purpose commercial systems, custom order, and customer systems with a custom image” to ship systems without TPM support enabled.”