Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Nazis in America. This is the new $hit after zombies. I have no problem with it, loved The man in the high castle :smiley: And this trailer is aweeeeeesomeeee. On the wishlist.

High on my wishlist as well. Legit candidate of GOTY and the game isn’t even out LOL

I loved and played all Wolfenstein games but this one is gonna trigger a lot of normies XD

Havent played or bought the first one yet… been years sense I played a wolfenstein game lol

Never played any of them. I was actually tempted to get this one on Switch XD. FPS on the go!

shiftysatchmo Wait a minute until I find the facepalm emoji

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shiftysatchmo :man_facepalming:

katsuo you’re just jealous of my switch

shiftysatchmo Don’t make me laugh XD

shiftysatchmo You never played the first one ? I’m sorry papi but you aren’t my papi anymore :confused:

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walruswitalys because Katsuo won’t buy it for me :’(

shiftysatchmo emulate it

walruswitalys I tried but it hates my pc

I added all three to my wish list because I’ll probably grab them on a super sale. They look good I never really looked at them haha

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shiftysatchmo Big mistake, but glad you plan to correct it :smiley:

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shiftysatchmo You can also buy all 3 for me as well. :wink:


shiftysatchmo I have never played one either, closest I got was the Wolfenstein map in CS:Source

shiftysatchmo beware of the AMD issues… been trying to get 1 to work proper for a while. Crashes all the time and there are a ton of people out there experiencing same issues.

syncrosis If you mean Radeon GPUs, I can say that I finished Wolfenstein: The New Order without crashes.