World Cup 2018

you guys watching any of it?

Both games today were really good.

I’ve watched every game.

Germany out…
Argentina out…
Portugal out…

Belgium is my favorite (ooooo Kevin De Bruyne) but we will see.

This keeps getting better and better. :soccer: :point_left: :smiley: :point_right: :trophy:

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I’m not a fan of soccer (foooootball)…

Dodges rotten tomatoes

I will pull for Belgium then, for you!

France looks really good, I figured Argentina would have a time with them. But Germany and Portugal out surprised me.

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Italiaaaaa! Goallllllll

Hmmm foolish me I guess I’m living in 2014. Did Italy suck so bad this year they didn’t even make the bracket? It appears so… I’ll backup Switzerland because they’ve never had a shot. Their claim to fame is inventing cereal!


I’m watching every match. And I hate em all. But boy I’m glad Germany is out. I hope Belgium takes the cup. I don’t remember them winning anything ever so yeah.

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Spain got Rekt… :laughing: This World Cup is indeed getting better and better. :smiley:


When I saw how Akinfeev defended the second time, even my ass got goosebumps. Amazing World Cup. Now, if Croatians could win against Ughmark, that would be amazing.


:denmark: :flight_departure:

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Brazil is next to fly :blush:

most unexpected WC i have ever seen !!!


:mexico: :flight_departure:

:jp: :flight_departure:

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:switzerland: :flight_departure:

Disappointing :frowning:

I hate :colombia:

:colombia: :flight_departure: