World of tanks

The Little Tank That Could

You’d be amazed at the places an ELC EVEN 90 can hide. Todays’ hero certainly was.

Definitely NOT to be confused with the other “Triumph of the Will”, the 1935 Nazi propaganda documentary directed by Leni Riefenstahl featuring a whole bunch of people that would get me sent to the YouTube Gulag if I were to mention them by name.

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Underestimate the AMX 13 57 at your peril. It’s small but it’s FIERCE!

In todays’ video, two players who go on to achieve greatness. One of them does it without being a dick.

I can’t see any good reason why World of Warships should have the monopoly on throwing matches!

I was tempted to create one of those clickbait thumbnails for this one, you know the sort of thing - flashy lettering giving away everything that makes the replay remarkable, like a movie trailer that gives away the whole plot of the movie. They work too, videos get a lot more views with a clickbait thumbnail, but nah, not my style. Enjoy the suspense.