World War Z

Finished World War Z with friends during the quarantine. It was free and a coop game so never a better time to play it. Very similar to the Left 4 Dead series, I mean really, really similar. One primary, one secondary and one melee weapon, 4 people in a group, a buttload of basic zombies and some special zombies. A Left 4 Dead game in third person. There are some annoying bugs, connectivity issues or stuck npc characters but nothing a restart could not fix. The campaign is okay, nothing special, go from point A to point B, sometimes escort someone or repair a vehicle in between…nothing mind blowing, just a fun game to play with friends if you are stuck at home.


You got it for free or it’s free to play now?

It was free last week on Epic Store. Did you miss it? :open_mouth:

Oh NOOOOOO! Haha I didn’t see. Nobody here loved me enough to tell me

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I didnt tell you because you have it on Gamepass

I did tell Eric about it though lol

Gamepass for console zzz

Dust off that XB baby

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It’s dust free. Brendan is all about rock band right now haha

I got it while it was free will have to try it out soon.