Xbox Series S confirmation

Dang, this is intense. $300 or $25 a month for financing.

Seems like a cool way to get people into the ecosystem.

Is that a speaker?

I like how small it is. I might pick it up and play some games when I’m in a hotel or something

Ya, I may get one at some point for my living room just to have since it is fairly cheap and small.

I’m waiting for Andrew to appear and start yelling “BUT PI ES FIVE IS BETTER IT HAZ GOD OF VOR”

Meh I have a gaming laptop

Haha I like Microsoft games, but I have a PC for that. Sony makes better games though. It can’t be denied.

Complete disinterest. Even if it’s smaller than the x, it’s still not tablet or phone sized, so no reason to use it…that and microsoft has yet to demonstrate it will ever have exclusives to warrant a console purchase.

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Made* better games. That doesn’t mean the games from Xbox will be garbage this time around.

Well, it’s not made for you lol. These consoles are mostly for people who don’t bother having a PC or for people who have penis PC or for people who have the last $300 and were thinking should they spend it on xbox or sushi.

You have proper platforms at your disposal and said you’d buy it for a hotel stay when said proper platforms would be as easy to take to a hotel.

Laptop. There are no exclusives.

Laptop -> $2000
Series S -> $299

That’s the difference.

Series s is a midrange laptop. Most people have that already. Laptops also do more than play fortnite. A series s is like the idea of someone buying a gtx 1030. Yeah, you’re playing rocket league, but for a little more you could be playing everything. The size of the system isn’t different enough to warrant a series s on size alone. I suspect it’s just a way to recoup costs of chips that didn’t pass qa at the fab… that’s literally how all less than top tier chips get made anyway.

I think Canada is selling really cheap laptops if that’s the case. You can’t find a mid-range laptop here for 300 euros. Keep in mind that we are talking here about a console, which can run games at 1440p60+. If you find me a mid-range laptop (that can run games in 1440p in any fps higher than 30) with that price, I’ll gladly buy it and ignore the series s.

A gtx1070 (or rtx equivalent) laptop with a cpu from a few years ago should fall into the price range. I was running most games at 1440p60 on amd junk before I finally made a promise to not cheap out on graphics cards anymore.

Either way, the price and size delta doesn’t warrant a series s. For your use case, just bring your laptop/ps4/5.

I only have my laptop for work. Can’t play games on it. PS5 will be put somewhere near my TV and never be touched until PS6 comes out haha

And buying a used laptop with a 3, 4 years old GPU and a mediocre CPU for 300 euros…ehhhhh, dunno man. Seems like a waste of money when you can get same/more from a new xbox console that gives you all things you need to play a game in smaller form factor. Dunno, for you it’s a waste of money, for me it’s a really good deal. :man_shrugging:

How is lugging your series s to a hotel any diff from lugging your ps5 to a hotel? Neither are “portable”.

PS5 is bigger than a PS4 Pro. Xbox Series X is smaller than PS4 Pro and is similar to Xbox One X. And Series S is 60% smaller than Series X. I’d say Series S is small enough to be called somewhat portable. Of course not Nintendo Switch portable but portable enough to be put in a bag and completely forget about it being in a bag.

How often do you travel? Even if there weren’t a pandemic I would suspect very little.

Actually quite a lot. I’m launching sites for Amazon in south Germany so I have to launch small centres, sort centres and so on. Let’s say every 2 weeks I’m on move. That’s mostly the reason why I’m barely playing any games on PC.