XCOM: Chimera Squad

This is my next game. I just wanted to make a topic for it early because it is on -50% sale until May 1st (10$/10euro). It is very much like an xcom game, missed 97% shots, got some squad wipes, the new game mechanics are interesting, i dont even mind the premade characters. Very recommended for turn based game fans.

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This is an interesting idea. They are charging like nothing for it, I wonder if they is making people not buy it sine they think it is junky?

I already have 17 hours in the game, that is minimum 3 call of duty campaigns for 10 euros. I feared it will be a crap mobile game ported to pc with inferior graphics, game mechanics and loot boxes but it is pretty decent. Of course a lot of assets are from XCOM2 but that is good. They experimented with some new mechanics and storytelling and put it in a game. A spinoff before a new sequel, I like it. The best priced game I saw in a long time.

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The reason people aren’t buying (and that it is so low priced) is not that they think it’s junky. Its because of all the negative publicity about this game out there.

I have not played the game, so I can’t say whether it is, or isn’t- But many many places are reporting that this game is… um…how to say it… supportive of political agendas that a lot of people simply are tired of seeing in games.

is there any political agendas in the game? I always play xcom muted with spotify and skip all cutscenes, didnt notice anything :smiley:

Finished it. The campaign is around 25 hours long, fun to do it once but don’t expect much. The usual xcom turn based game with unusually more bugs than in the base game which is wierd because it uses the same engine, assets, maps etc. New gameplay elements are the breaches before each encounter and the introduction of turn order. Not my favourite parts, breaching is fun for the first couple of hours then it is just a neccessity. XCOM dared to explore new options which i respect and it done a good job with it but i would not carry any of it over to xcom3. Very well priced for the content, not too long, not too short, worth to play it through once.

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