Zmajuga - Gamer Challenge 2018.


Today I have finished DISHONORED.

Damn. What a game!

From the begining to the end. Great story, great characters, and most important “you can choose which way to play, stealth or all guns blazing, or something in between”.

Storyline is not that linear thanks to nice side quests and that’s a big bonus and everything is nicely packed in steampunk world.

Graphics look great although dated and give this game charming setup.

Sound and music are as just as they should be, bringing the atmosphere in.

I won’t say anything more. Just play the damn game!

Peronal score: 9.5/10


I played so much Dishonored I can speedrun the game without being seen and without kills. :smiley: How did you miss this so far?


I would like to know the same, but I don’t. :laughing:


@teh_g got that for me like a million years ago. I’ll play it someday.


Teleporting around like Nightcrawler was my favorite experience


@Zmajuga I found evidence you really played The Talos Principle :smiley:

And @schlitty as well :smiley:



Haha that’s neat. That game is an all timer for me! Love that game. Been saving the DLC until I forget most of the base game so I can play it all over again + the DLC be brand new.


Great man. Hahaha. :+1:


That’s the worst game I never played!


Today I have finished FAR CRY 5 .

Well, what to say about this game?

It has a repetitive gameplay, which is characteristic of all Far Cry games but it also has that fun part they included, a multiplayer campaign mode which I find a really great addition to Far Cry games. The graphics are awesome (Dunia engine is great) which together with great sound effects provide an immersive game experience.

It has an average story with bleak characters (Unlike Far Cry 3). Antagonists are nothing compared to Vaas from FC3. I didn’t care for companions at all, except Cheeseburger. He got a special place in my heart. :slight_smile: The ending is, mildly said, “disappointing”. It felt like they were out of ideas and decided to finish the game with a “bang effect” which was totally out of place.

Nevertheless I had my share of multiplayer fun and stunt quest fun.

If you like FC5 games then play it, but wait for a significant discount.

Personal score: 6.5/10

(The score is for main game not DLC-s.)


Is Cheeseburger the dog in the game?


Sounds like how me and Josh felt about it


Nope. Cheesburger is a one cuddly little furball. :laughing:


Today I have finished LITTLE NIGHTMARES . I needed a platformer fix for a change. :slight_smile:

The game has a great atmosphere which resides on wonderful and grim artistical touch (like Tim Burton was involved), with a solid sound effects. You have the feeling that characters are straight from the “Nightmare before Christmas” movie, which I certainly like. Story is grim and OK, but nothing special, Can be summed in one sentence: “You either die a hero,…(oops spoiler)” :blush:

Developers explained some parts of the story through DLC, but I didnt want to buy them since the main game is just too short.

Gameplay is good and similar to Limbo and Inside. Basic movements, use, plus some puzzle solving. Nothing more, nothing less.

I can recommend this game only if you liked Limbo and Outside. As I wrote before, It’s really short (3 hours of gameplay) and it certainly doesn’t deserve the price tag of 30€ for Complete Edition.

Personal score: 7,5/10

(The score is for main game not DLC-s.)


You either die a hero or you live to become a spoiler


I loved both Limbo and Inside so this just moved up my list since I own it already.

Speaking of which, I have a key for this game if anyone wants it.


I like that you wrote “only if you liked Limbo and Outside” yet I knew what you meant daddy… I knew what you meant


Also I suppose I should stop procrastinating playing this as well…


Closing at the request of Zmajuga.