F1 2018 season


Reminds me of Macau. That’s just too narrow.


Bit of a procession.

Crashes made for a little bit of something but yeah, not the most thrilling track.

And there’s goes McLaren and Alonso off the cliff. :stuck_out_tongue:


Only need to watch the first 2 mins for the carnage:


So French GP was busy, I thought it would be boring and to a certain extent it was.
I wanted Vettel to be punished a lot harsher, but it was a race start incident, therefore the penalty was perfect. Just do not like when the victim serves a harsher penalty.

LeClerc on fire and I can see him being one of the youngest Ferrari drivers ever.
McLaren need to have a hard look at themselves unfortunately, give Ron full control back. When he ran the show, they saw hieghts they just not capable of at present, it also seems the Honda factor may bight them back. Williams, I don’t know what to say other than they be have to sell the team if they don’t pick up their game. Almost happy Massa and Kubica don’t have a seat there.

Mercs with a new engine just toying with the field, but strangely Bottas not able to use it to get back through. I did not see any damage other than the flat tyre.

All in all a more interesting GP than the last two, but not up the front. I think the collision robbed spectators of a duel?


Quali done and definitely did not see it.


Looking like another Merc procession to the finish line. Maybe there will be some fun in the midpack with all the DRS at least… Or something.

**Edit: Well that race certainly ended up interesting! Haha


Who would have guessed this result before the race? :smiley: One of the better races of the year. But still, look at those gaps between the first 3 team and the rest. Good middle pack fights but still sad to see the difference.

Spoilers below



Will go lightly, as not sure everyone has seen it yet.

Wow, so happy for the victorious team and driver and really sad for the pole sitter.

The rest was just ever moving goal post with tyres and mechanical issues. A1 ring not taking any prisoners.


British GP already underway, watching FP1 now. Who is brave enough to go flat out with drs open in the first and second corner? :smiley:


Well Grosjean tried. Did not end well


He is just…idk…until last year I thought this is bad luck. But seeing this race after race and I think he is just bad :smiley:


Wow, tense qualifying. one hundredths of a second between the top 3. Kimi almost did it. Red Bull is nowhere, race pace will decide.



This was insane in FP3. Talk about something that a driver should never have to worry about.


This is when I am always amazed by the safety of a formula car. He crashed into the tyre wall above 200km/h in a direct angle and he walks away. I would be dead ten times in a street car.


Even something as simple as the tyre anchor cables keeping the tyre from turning into a missile too. The engineering on those cars is ridiculous. Which is what makes the failure even more insane! haha.


Scary crash. But better than a soccer player. After that, back in that car again tomorrow.


Best quali in ages too. 4 drivers (albeit 2 teams) able to get pole with a perfect lap pushing to the max. Pushing so hard that no one put on a perfect lap. What it is meant to be like.


Incidents, safety cars, viable 1 or 2 stop strategies. This is what we need. Great race.


Oh man that scene with with the 2 Mercedes and Ferrari fighting for the first place.


Enjoyable for sure. Good end to the triple-header.


Really frustrating watching these Ferrari’s taking out the Mercs. More frustrating is watch Mercs making bad strategy decisions race after race. In all a fun race to watc, but all I want is a proper shoot out.

Does anyone else feel the disparity between the top 3 is a major concern for the health of F1. I have never seen it this bad. Literally teams calling themselves B-teams.