F1 2018 season


This is why I dont get it why everybody call Hamilton’s comeback so amazing. He passed all the “B-teams” in 5 laps. Vettel did the same in France. The difference when he passed all those cars were huge, didnt even cost him lap time. If there is no SC during the race they usually give a lap to the “best of the rest”. We need that cost cap or better distripution of f1 money after the season.


B-Stallion. Cost capping is not going to solve problem. Homlogated front and rear wing for everyone, ground effects. Screw turbos.
Control the aero I say. F1 cars push technology of road cars further… yes. My car doesn’t need a front or rear wing. So this tech advancement is less critical to everyday life. Get rid of it and instantly limit bigger teams to same gear as small teams.


Which track is this? :stuck_out_tongue: This is the best I could do with the crappy gps :smiley:


I know Max would get around the route faster!


Sorry, don’t know. I see Budapest, but that aint the Hungaroring.


@Trainsmash What is the shape of my afternoon walking in the map? :stuck_out_tongue:


Won’t click, so I give up. Give it to me


To both of you. What is your favourite and one other that is not an F1 track?


@Trainsmash It is the Red Bull Ring…sort of :smiley: It least that was the plan :smiley:

Favourite? Hmm…I can’t decide between Spa and Malaysia. But because Malaysia is not a f1 track anymore sadly, this is my answer :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, we talked about it last season; I’m a Spa guy too. As far as playing games Interlagos is right up there with Spa. I learned how to really race in my sim on Interlagos. Far and away the track I’ve put the most miles on.

Then the only racing I ever watched growing up was CART. So Laguna Seca and Long Beach are ones that come to mind immediately. As far as gaming on virtual versions of tracks goes, I enjoy all sorts of shit from Mount Panorama to classic period tracks like Monza Combined with the oval and everything inbetween. Automobilista has some great obscure South America tracks I enjoy. Then before I ‘graduated’ to Interlagos, I got my virtual bearings at Lime Rock, so that one holds a special place too.


Viewing pros on TV; F1-Spa, Non F1 - Laguna Seca
Driving fake cars on: F1-Interlagos, Non F1 - Too many to choose!


Well Spa is hands down my favourite, but Kyalami and Mugello hold a special place. As you can tell, I love track where if the driver attacks, the track gives laptime.





Thought Germany lost there race.


They are in or out every year :smiley: I can’t follow it :smiley:


Sauber one-two in free practice 3 :smiley:


A bit offtopic, but after 64 hours in F1 2017 and my 4th season with Renault, i got this achievement :smiley:


Bit of a fun one. Hope the race has some drama!


I love when Sky Sports posts and the title is “Another Mercedes reliability issue”. It is never Hamilton’s fault. It was clear the very moment what happened when they showed the first time. I said to myself, this will hurt the gearbox. And after the slow motion replay, it was even more hurtful to watch the car bouncing.
Sure it will be fun to watch Hamilton and Ricciardo’s race back to the points. I feel Ferrari has the upper hand even after a great lap from Bottas. Red Bull is doomed, they get 0.6 seconds in the two straight.