F1 2018 season


All right, I apologize to all Hamitlon fans :stuck_out_tongue: :innocent:


Quite the adventurous race but both Finns getting screwed by team orders ruined it from being REALLY adventurous. Vettel has to be absolutely disappointed in himself.


Fell asleep to wake up randomly. Turn on TV at lap 26/67. My word you got the drama you wished for. Not much to say due to the rain changing the outcome of the race more than thr driver/car. Vettel ran out of talent is about it.

Oh and Gasly on full wets. Really.


Don’t know if I consider myself a Hamista fan anymore, starting to love Ricciardo heaps. He still did not need to keep his foot pegged to the floor.
Also, what bugs me a lot is the profile pic with him pointing his hand like a gun. Not the right message for the world today. Don’t care how cool you think you are. I am not PC person, but this is not acceptable.


Well that was exciting for sure. Before the race I wanted the rain to start but around lap 50 when Ferrari led 1-2, I never would have guessed it will be a Merc 1-2 and Hamilton win. Total chaos in the mid field. Haas dropped his amazing quali places, Force India came back again from nowhere. And finally Hülk got what he deserves. He is so much more, I want to see him score a podium finally :smiley: Vettel’s error could be fatal in the championship fight, but seeing the Mercedes reliability, there is always hope.


This ws the pic I was talking about.Capture


Oh now I get it. I dont have any problem with the picture. I already don’t like that face :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you guys watch F1. Stream or digital etc?


Here in Hungary only one TV channel is allowed to broadcast F1 content. I watch their official stream on the channel’s website, because I rarely use my TV and I do everything in front of my computer. Sadly they only stream 720p, but that’s that. Of course the stream is geolocked to Hungary, so useless to others and I doubt anyone would watch the race with two hungarian commentators :smiley:
I was interested in the F1 TV Liberty tried to do, with 4k stream and the ability to watch all driver’s cockpit, but I heard it is still in beta and running awfully. Maybe I give it a try next year.


I use “free” streaming site. Lets leave it at that, because paying 130 a month for digital TV that only has one use is not on for me.



Do you know if you can stream post race? Races are generally at 1am my time.


With Pro you can “Watch F1 Races live and on-demand”


This weekend, home race :smiley: :hungary: And the usual summer break after that until the end of August


:hungary: Forecast: Damn hot as hell with high change of short storms. Just for fun :smiley: Someone send me a AC unit.


You know. I don’t know why, but I am amped for Hungary. Not for Ferrari, not for Marc or RBulls. I reckon mid pack race is going to be off the hinges. Helps the tracks is a proper challenge for driver.


Is it dry in Budapest today? We have a man on the ground!


That was the most interesting Q1 in a long while and qualifying in general was fun too. Should be a good race even with turn 1 being the only real spot to make the move with the giant cars.


Yes, it will be dry today. An opportunity for the Ferrari cars. Damn Red Bulls ruined their own races. I should sleep now before the race. It is 4:30 am here, I am wasted. The Hungaroring is always fun :smiley:


30 Celsius during F2 race and still climbling. 20% change of rain today but only after the race, around 6-7 pm and not as big as yesterday.