F1 2018 season


34 Celsius. Track should be above 50. Super duper dry race :smiley: I am glad I have some cold beer left from last night :smiley: I know most of Europe has a lot of trouble with this heat in the last months but it is usual here during the summer.


Kind of a boring race thanks to Ferrari goofing up their otherwise smart strategies. But Bottas turning himself into a wrecking ball to finish added a couple storylines at least.


Ferrari was awful during the pit stops this weekend. 5+ sec stops with Kimi and Vettel. They lost 1st place when made a mistake on Vettel’s pit stop and returned to track behind Bottas. Obviously they sacrificed Kimi to clear Bottas out of Vettel’s way, but ruined two racer’s tactic with those horrible slow pit stops.
Great pace from Ricciardo, sad Renault is the new Honda and Max dnf. Another penalty for Spa? They will lose half a second on that track because of the lack of power on a track like that.
Overall boring race, last ten lap was interesting, I am shocked the soft tyres did 50 laps on the Hungaroring in this heat. They clearly and willingly sacrificed the two finns.


Don’t think Vettel had a shot at winning. Only reason he got by Bottas was the tyres falling. Ferrari couldn’t follow in Hungary, but being Hungary That is not surprising. I am the only one that thinks Ferrari has no respect for Kimi?

Definitely thought Ferrari’s would have made a better fight, 2 secs wasted in a pit stop was not the difference of 20s deficit to Hamilton.

Mid pack was on fire as expected. Honda had a awesome race. Alonso on fire, but Renault power plant basically going backward. I suspect Renault will be considering a withdrawal soon.

Red Bull lost a golden opportunity.


This is why he missed the German and Hungarian GP


I did not expect this :open_mouth:




Was just about to share the Riccairdo bombshell myself. Clearly RB have aligned with max. This also means Raikkonen stays.


And who will join RB? Sainz? Gasly? Ocon? Alonso? Raikkönen? :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like that Hulkenberg/Ricciardo duo. Both great talents and likeable. I’ll be cheering for them.

Mercedes closed the door and there’s a long line at Ferrari. And that’s IF Kimi even leaves. So I really expected him to stay with Red Bull.

So yeah, I think Max’s preferential treatment played a big role. I mean, he’s been dealing with Renault failures all season and that’s where he goes? Haha. Had to be something. He was gonna get paid either way. Sorta makes Renault and Red Bull instant rivals going forward, I really hope they’re racing close to each other next season.


Nick is an amazing talent, remember watching him rule in A1GP. Pity he never had a car worthy of a podium. Seeing them together is awesome. If they have a chance to stick it to Max, you know it’s on.

Does Sainz fill RB seat. If so Max has new set of problems.

2019 is shaping up awesomely.


Ocon is a merc driver. Interesting suggestion though.


Some good news


After this I am pretty sure which team signs Stroll in 2019. :smiley:


Just confirmed Stroll consortium buys Force India. Guess Lance will drive for Sauber now. Haha


Big and surprising news


Not super super surprising but a damn shame. Amazing talent that just couldn’t pick the right team recently. Hopefully he goes to Indy full time. Would give me a reason to watch.


Never has driver this good made such poor decisions away from good cars.
Alonso is that one guy in a generation that stands out head and shoulders above his peers.

On another note, 2nd big driver McLaren has caused to retire.


I am so far behind, I think I have 4 races recorded.


McLaren already secured a replacement Spanish :smiley: But an even bigger risk than Ricciardo’s choice, Sainz can hurt his career bad if McLaren stays this bad.