F1 2018 season


And some rumors, officially not confirmed: Gasly in a Red Bull and Raikönnen signing another 1+1 year with Ferrari.



I think we have that moment in time when a new era dawn’s. The Senna, Prost, Mansell done was followed by the Schumacher, Hakkinen, Raikkonen, Alonso. Now we are in the Hamilton, Vettel, Ricciardo. Where Hamilton and Vettel cross over as did Schumacher. Max and Sainz will cross over to next. Still gutted about Alonso though.


Sainz should have not gone to McLaren. Something seems toxic there. Pity for Leclerc.
So we have one seat open… Gasly to RB?


Another year (or more) of practice at Sauber won’t hurt Leclerc at all. He’ll be the face of Ferrari eventually, but no rush at all. He is still developing.

Speaking of development, I imagine Toro will bring in another young face after Gasly gets the promotion. We got Daddy Stroll banking India so a Williams seat opens up, but I have to think Kubica takes it. Everybody wants that story and Williams has another money driver already and nothing else going for them. Leaves Ocon the odd man out in all this shuffling. Maybe he goes to McLaren as well with Vandoorne’s sophomore slump?

Gonna be a different looking grid that’s for sure. All I know is I’m all aboard the Ricciardo/Hulkenberg/Renault train. Really hope that car surprises because I like that pair.


Renault have a dream setup. Hulk and Ricky are A-class drivers. Orcon to Williams as he is the future of Merc? He will bring money and a quality driver.

Good point on Leclerc, Ferrari also has an incentive to develop a B team like RB. They will bring Sauber forward.

Wonder how it will look when dust settles.


Leclerc may have an option with Haas. A lot of site write Grosjean’s place is everything but solid. Magnussen is almost 100%, but maybe Grosjean will move. Retire? Williams? Force India?

The Renault duo is fantastic, i love both pilots this is why I started my F1 2017 career with them :smiley: I hope they will catch the best teams in years or after the 2021 changes.

Try to fill the gaps :smiley:

Mercedes: Bottas - Hamilton
Ferrari: Vettel - Raikönnen
Red Bull: Verstappen - Gasly?
Renault: Hülkenberg - Ricciardo
Haas: Magnussen - Leclerc?
Force India: Stroll - ?
Torro Rosso: ? - ?
Williams: Sirotkin - Kubica?
Sauber: Leclerc? - Giovinazzi?


That would be a great pair to watch at Sauber. But you can never rule out Ericcson and his relation$hip there.

Perez invested a lot of time and effort in starting the saving of Force India, I’d think he’d stick it out with them alongside Stroll. But who knows.

And yeah, if Grosjean got left behind or retired there’d be a good line for that Haas seat. Perez, Ocon, etc.


Orcon to stay. Perez can move, not fond of how unfair he can race. Hartley may get 2nd chance with two RB drivers separating ties with RB. Giovionazziis just not good enough IMO.

There is only really one seat up at Williams.



OK. My anxiety is rising and my anticipation is bubbling to the surface
It’s Spa soon fellas. WOOOHOO.


Gasly confirmed with Max


Yes you are right @Trainsmash :stuck_out_tongue: I was too drunk to post it first, shame on me :stuck_out_tongue: Spa is soooo good, I just did a F1 2017 career race in Spa yesterday.



Prince Max gets to be the clear #1 driver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gasly might surprise him a couple weekends though, he can drive.




I thought this video was pretty darn amazing. Quite the listen behind the scenes on how we get our live shots to watch every race.


Hectic feed. Chaos behind the scene.



The heavens opened up and unleashed rain and Force India timed it perfect. Awesome to see the restart team lock out row 2 haha. Probably won’t be there after half a lap, but still a good story. If it’s dry tomorrow, it should be an easy 1,2 for Ferrari with their power on the straights. If Kimi is ever going to do it again, tomorrow is the day. Best car for the track, best driver for the track, now or never.


Ferrari bottled it again. Kimi ran out of fuel, Vettel ran out of battery power, good job :smiley:



Tangent. Spa is my favourite and what I love most about it, everyone realise that it is a champagne event. Just love the spectacle.

Lewis is the man. Ferrari let’s themselves down. The king of Spa needs to show them how it is done. Come on KIMI. FYI - Ferrari may not have the clean pair of heels they think they do. Entire season they have it turned down until Q3. The fact they have had it turned up shows their concern. Like Ali said, when you strong, pretend you weak and when you weak, pretend you strong.

Woooohooo, Spa brings to the real F1 game to us all.