F1 2018 season


Quite the spectacle to start but pretty simple after that.

Horrible start then horrible luck for the King of Spa. Otherwise the Ferrari performed as expected and a casual afternoon drive to victory for Seb. Force India with a good point haul to take advantage of that second row lockout.


Except that first turn accident and Bottas overtaking everybody, this was a boring race and a dominant victory. Save this momentum for the next race in Monza. Next week!


Stand corrected: clean pair of heels.
Kimi out first corner. boo.
Sadly not a interesting Spa… still love the place.


Another tangent: I wonder if Hartely will keep his seat after Riccairdo has triggered musical chairs.

Secondly; Hulkenberg, really think he is world champ material, but never shines tobhis potential and the error on Sunday was painful to watch. Will I ever see the real Hulk.



When I saw this video I thought that it showed the angle best. And just what direction Alonso’s momentum was going. The halo really did it’s job on this one. Could’ve been really really ugly. Would’ve been really close to Leclerc’s crash helmet. If not the tire, the front fin afterwards. The halo looks like it changed the car’s direction, or at least helped. Strong little thing.



Great angle. Also shows that Riccy hit Kimi all on his own. Thought the collision with Kimi was a direct result of contact on Riccy, but not the case. Simply misjudged it.


The halo even bent under the pressure for a moment. Leclerc’s 360 degree camera.


Halo is horrible to look at, but I concede. Saved a young mans life. I am sold on it now. Ferrari stood to lose another young driver on Sunday.


Ok, this is how the system works…but I am starting to hate this kid and his father.


Worse yet for Ocon, on the broadcast for Spa they were talking about rumors that he might be too tall for the McLaren car. That was my wildcard pick of where he’d end up.


Race weekend again, another power hungry track.


Wooo! That was a close one.


Wooooooooooo! that was fantastic. I didn’t feel this good in years. Amazing finish :smiley: Well deserved, that 3rd sector was flawless the entire weekend.



I hate Vettel more and more. Sorry, it has to be said.
Vettel: “Woohhooo”
Engineer: “You are P2”
Vettel: "{silence}… “We will talk after”.

So he feels entitled to tug on Hamilton’s tow, but shit my team mate can’t have mine. So glad DiResta called him out in front of Kimi, in front of the Tofisi.
What a Bitch. Truly. Kimi at full tilt was twice as good and twice the man than that shit.


Another note; I dunno if he’s getting some sort of extra power or anything compared to Hartley, but man, Gasly has that extra “oomph” since getting the promotion. Was always a great talent but he is seizing it so far. Watch out Max! :wink:




Karma. Pure Karma. Pity for Kimi.


Oh. Max deserved penalty I thought. Just doesn’t defend safely.


This is not the first time Vettel makes stupid first lap mistakes. I said to my father yesterday, this year’s championship is not won by Hamilton but lost by Vettel. Awful tyre management from Ferrari, this was a Mercedes issue so far, they managed to copy it very well. Verstappen crossed the line, Grosjean disqualified and two Williams in the points. Good job from Kimi, I think he did everything he could with the car. I am ready to say this championship is over. Even if Ferrari and/or Vettel wins, they do not deserve it. All the mistakes this year, it is painful to watch.