Games I returned because they're broken and/or just shitty


In their defense, it might be an engine issue. Some console games are expected to always have 30 fps, so they can use that for timing instead of relying on calculations.


I guarantee you whatever engine it is, they know what the delta time is (time since last frame). Multiply all movement related values by that and a character will move the same distance regardless if the game is running at 10fps or 1000fps. Same with physics. Even if you intend to only release for a single console, you should still program that way.



Your email should end with .gordon instead of .net


Can I do that? I’lll do it if I can lol


Probably if you know how to mess around with the domain. I’ve seen some web pages that had some pretty ridiculous names like webpage.anime
Should be pretty similar with emails too


The “.anime” TLD is one of the new ones they added. Sadly they don’t have a “.gordon”.

I use a custom domain for my email (via Google Apps). I get the solid email.


I hope they start adding common names as tlds lol. gordon@gordonjennings.gordon lol


I’d make something like


Forgot to screen shot but I just returned: Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage

Couldn’t get right trigger working on xbone nor 360 controllers.


Fun game. I played with the devs few times. But its empty now.


Looked like it would have been fun.


I think we got that and tried to do multiplayer, but I could never connect.