Schlitty Completes Games in 2020

Slime Rancher - Thumbs Up.

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell - Kinda thumbs up?


Can you make individual threads per game? (ressurecting those that exist)

First game of the year. Slime Rancher. I got the credits scroll so I guess I “finished”. I got this way back in Early Access and it was “cute” and fun but not a ton to do. Finally revisited it as a complete game and had plenty of fun. I’ve never played any farming or Harvest Moon style games but I imagine this falls somewhere around there. Resource management, explore, read some world building stuff. Yadda yadda. Was pretty impressed in how the game had evolved and expanded since I threw them money for a paid beta. There’s some end game and endless stuff I still might mess with since I’m addicted to the grind a tad. But I am also ready to move on. Only major knock I’d hold against it is that nothing seemed dangerous or daunting anymore. Back in Early Access it was actually a risk to leave the ranch (or maybe I just sucked) but in my playthrough I was literally never in danger once. :man_shrugging:

Either way, thumbs up.

Perhaps if I actually beat more than one game this year! Edit: Also for what it’s worth, I tend to play dumb shit nobody else in their right mind would. :upside_down_face:

I repeat my original sentiment. I thought we dismantled this gamer challenge crap a while back. Doesn’t make sense in a forum format. It was fine on gt because that was just a spew of a feed dribble. This is a forum. Yeah, I don’t give a shit slime rancher exists, but I probably give a shit about some of the other games you will play this year. If I ignore this thread, I miss out on that and you in turn create unnecessary threads that don’t play nice when people use the search functionality.

Digging even deeper, it’s not a challenge. Gamers gonna game. It’s not a forgone conclusion we’ll all beat games. Individual aspects of individual games may be challenges, but it’s silly to consider a gamer who beat a game an individual who did something so challenging it was worth cramming all their gameplay into one thread. They were gonna do it anyway.

I’d be cool with a thread per game.

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I do both. The gamer “challenge” thing to me is more just a way to look back and be like oh yeah I beat those games this year. Though I guess I could do that in Excel :laughing:

Sound like it would be a better year end recap with links to the game threads…I feel I’ve suggested this before. Blessed is the alcohol…

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In the end, we’re just a bunch of dicks dicking around on a forum about how we dick around with entertainment. Whatever works is fine with me.

I’d rather not ignore a thread that could be full of good info, good convo, etc.

True enough

I do like the idea of having a central thread for “I beat this” that has the main post with links. It does help me remember that I occasionally finish games.

We can do best of both worlds too. I usually comment in threads about a game when they come up, but still post in the gamer challenge thread.

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Guess I’ll just ignore it then… When this thread dies down I’ll do just that.

Yeah, I never “participated” in any “challenges” here or at the other place. Just an echo chamber (and/or brick wall) of a thread to see what I actually beat that year. Which again, is never much to begin with or anything to get excited about anyway.

That thing is free on game pass I think. I may give it a try. It looks way too colorful for my taste though.

Also, keep writing what you completed. I discovered a lot of games because someone finished a game and has written something about it here.


Beat the short campaign of SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell. I suck at this sort of thing but all the time limits on the campaign levels were fair challenges that were doable. I had to do it in short spurts so I wouldn’t get too annoyed/frustrated but it was mostly a satisfying challenge. Had to play it on mute after awhile, music/sounds/quips get repetitive when it takes 50~ tries to beat a hard level. Tons of high level 1337 stuff in the game I won’t be touching. So no depth or replayability in it for me. Not the greatest thing ever but no complaints either. It does what it does well. Meh, shrug, etc.


Where do you find these games? What the hell…

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Too many Humble Bundles!