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So annoying…ACC is not on sale but everything else is

Remember when the biggest discounts were during this sale and that’s why everyone loved it? Now it’s just the same sales you see every week but all at once.

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Good old times :smiley: Flash sales…

That’s a weird way to say that you can’t afford buying me games like you used to.


I surprised myself with a 3 euro tower defense game. This is the life :smiley:

I’ll probably buy some weird random indie games that are 90% off that takes 30mins to beat with my 5 dollar Steam Deck reservation refund.


I can buy you games at full MSRP like you deserve, baby!

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I think for once I won’t buy things. I have too many games, mainly because of @ShiftySatchmo


Do as i do. Buy game, beat game, buy another game. Sales be damned.

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Just got this email. Nice quality control haha

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Darn, you beat me to it.

Steam never sends me mails :frowning:

It’s because you never buy me anything

Or me.

FFS. We need two steam apps now : /

Screenshot_20230211_155905_One UI Home

What do you mean “now”? I’ve had these 2 apps for several years now lol

Can’t be years, I’ve chatted via the main app during the last year. Went to go chat to someone today and it took me to google play.