The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Jump Scares: The Game. Just beat this with @teh_g in one go. Definitely better than Man of Medan but still not as good as Until Dawn. I’d suggest it co-op. I think a lot of the reviews were a little too harsh. It was fun! Looking forward to the next one based on the after credits teaser trailer.


Interesting thing is that you got one achievement more than @teh_g. Who did you betray, Andrew? Was it Geran? Was it your neighbour? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Uh no idea haha. I assumed we shared achievements. Guess not?

I forgot to mention I got to hear Geran scream so that made it better too

Probably that’s the reason why you got +1 achievement.

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I just looked. I got credit for saving one of the characters and he didn’t for some reason. Probably because he messed up a QTE for her.

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I definitely messed that up. It was the breathing sequence that got me.

I agree that this was really fun. It is cool that there are so many endings.

I just started this game. Quite good so far except the intro video cut scene that’s lower res and lower quality than actual gameplay. Quite jarring. People should be sterilized and put in prison when they think it’s a good idea to put video cut scenes in when the realtime ones look better.

So far none of the “scares” have been scary enough to effect me, but still entertained. Will post more later.


Just beat it, pretty damn good. My memories of Man of Medan are too faded for me to say if this one was better or worse. I hated that bitch tier video cut scene near the end. Low res low quality and fucking 4fps. Completely destroyed immersion. I also hated the black bars. Non standard aspect ratios don’t make you artsy fartsy. They make you a jack ass. If you can’t express your vision in 16:9, you shouldn’t have your job. At least in video games…though maybe my tinfoil hat has another explanation… maybe by only drawing 2/3 of the screen, vanilla ps4 and xbone were able to run the game in a playable state… Recommended but the devs need to fuck off with the vid cut scenes and black bars in the next one.

I refused all hints and saved everyone.


Even the fucking documentary clips in the bonus menu are higher res, higher quality, and higher fps than the ones in the game!

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Haha it was better than Medan. I just assumed they had the bars to make it feel like a movie or something, though I agree it is unnecessary. I also hate that games do crappy cutscenes like that.

At least there were only 2.

Started playing it with the girlfriend earlier this week. We didn’t finish it in one go though because of how late we started it. From the half I’ve played I’m liking it more than man of medan but I’m still trying to figure things out so I can’t say for certain.

I just beat this again, but this time with @Eraq instead of @teh_g. They must have introduced some bugs with that update they did in December because we ran into several game breaking bugs requiring us to restart the game and/or do a scene selection to start an area over. Based on recent reviews, this is now a common issue. Bummer! Still made it through and had fun though. My opinion flipped on a second play through and I think Man of Medan was better now. Funny how different choices can alter what happens enough to sway me. I do think I got a better ending this time. The next game coming out next month looks like it could end up being the best one so fingers crossed.


Are stories connected between this one and Medan one?

Nope it’s an anthology so similar vibe and gameplay but the characters and stories are different.